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LinkedIn & Twitter = Online Versions of a Rotary or Golf Club?

“Think of LinkedIn or Twitter as online versions of a Rotary Club or Golf Club”. So says a member of Toastmasters, and I agree!

According to the latest issue of Toastmaster, “Web 2.0 isn’t just for teenagers using Facebook or MySpace anymore….a growing number of businesspeople, including many Toastmasters, are using these new applications to run their small businesses more efficiently, network with peers, tack customer perception of their products or services online and promote their organization.”

Tomorrow am deliver a “Coaching-the-Coach” presentation to employment counsellors at a conference. Using Social Media (or Web 2.0 technology) as a job search tool will definitely be a big part of my delivery.

Speak Well with Composure

Second in the series: Presidential Poise

This segment talks about being ‘well prepared and well practiced’ in order to deliver an effective speech.

“Not all of us need or have the opportunity to make a public speech. If we did we could certainly learn many lessons form Obama. Most importantly to be well prepared and well practiced. I’m certain he didn’t write a few notes on the back of his hand and just “wing it”. In fact he has been learning the craft of public speaking for many years and so can you. Even if you just speak up in meetings or conference calls being at ease in these situations is the sign of control and confidence.

Having a powerful, persuasive voice helps. Again this trait can be developed through being aware of what your voice sounds like, eliminating the ums and ahhs, you knows and perhaps getting some voice coaching.”


As an aside, Toastmasters is a great organization to help you eliminate the ums and ahhs and deliver an effective speech. Visit and find a club near you.

The next post will be Being Well Mannered.

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