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The Executive Job Functions Most in Demand

According to ExecuNet’s 16th annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report survey of more than 250 employer organizations, demand for senior-level executives with significant business development, sales, operations management and general management will outstrip corporate appetites for management-level hiring this year.

Business Development – 14.6%
Sales – 12.9%
Operations Management (including Quality, Supply and Logistics) – 12.9%
General Management – 10.3%
Finance – 9.1%
Engineering – 9.1%
Marketing – 8.7%
MIS / Information Technology – 6.2%
Consulting – 6.1%
Research and Development – 5.7%
Human Resources – 3.5%

Bosses Prefer to Communicate via Email

Have you been trying to reach the CEO of a company, or any C-Level executive? Forget the telephone. Send them an email.

According to Officeteam, a staffing agency that routinely conducts surveys around workplace watercooler issues, the boss prefers to communicate via email. Two-thirds (65 per cent) of the 150 senior executives it contacted would rather communicate by e-mail.

The survey results are as follows:

**31 per cent said they preferred face-to-face meetings at work

**3 per cent preferred receiving an old-fashioned paper memo

**1 per cent of prefer voice-mail messages

The risk with emails is that they might never get read, or the boss may quickly delete them.

To ensure your email is read, make sure to have a capturing subject line, and no gimmicks. A genuine headline that will grab the boss’ attention.,wee5,tp5,d16q,6ihv,7qlg,3v3c