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An Entrepreneurial Dream Come True

“A dream written down with a date becomes a Goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” — Greg Reid

Jackie Palmer (fourth from right in the top photo frame), was my friend first before she became a client.

She’s quiet, smart, ambitious, and hardly ever takes “No” for an answer. When faced with obstacles (and there were many), she found ways around them.

At a workshop I hosted in December 2016, I asked attendees to “write things down to make them happen”. I suggested that any idea that came into their minds they should write them down because they never knew where it could lead. Jackie then told the group that she had always had the idea of writing things down, and it was something she was going to start in the New Year.

Well, last Saturday (September 22, 2018), Jackie, her husband Chris and partners Conrad and Daliah Smith, had the Grand Opening of the Rollerplex Entertainment Centre at 284 Orenda Road, in Brampton, Ontario. The collage above speaks to the occasion, but here is a link to additional photographs of the event: Rollerplex Opening, Brampton.

She told me this morning, “I remember mentioning that at the workshop and, yes, lots of writing it down happened”.

Obstacles, there were, but they persevered!

To all those who have ever said, “I want to…, BUT I can’t; am stuck, trapped, frustrated and fed-up”, here’s motivation for you to plow through. It doesn’t matter what you are facing. It could be a business you want to start, a program you want to study, or a job you are pining for, write out a plan on how you are going to get there. Seek assistance if you need someone to hold you accountable.

When that job interview didn’t go as planned and you didn’t get the job, don’t give up. Redouble your efforts. Take my advice, “When you are floored by circumstances, get up, rub your knees off and start afresh.” 

An important lesson Jackie said she learned: “If you don’t make up your mind and, ‘Just do it’ like Nike, it won’t happen.” 

Are you ready to write down your goals and dreams and make them happen? Start today!




Beware of An Idea Whose Time Has Come


“Beware of an idea whose time has come.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It doesn’t matter what side of the political discourse one occupies, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s nomination (and acceptance) has put her in line to become the first woman President of the United States. This is huge! The significance of this is that twenty-one years ago, it did not seem possible. If and when she assumes the presidency, she will have Margaret Wade (of Dennis the Menace fame), and Psychologist Ann Ruben to thank.

In 1993, Ann, who had been studying children’s perceptions of women leaders, surveyed 1500 boys and girls from elementary schools, and asked them what they thought of a woman becoming President. Nor surprising, more girls thought it was possible. In 1995, while her husband was watching Dennis the Menace, he heard Dennis’ playmate Margaret Wade telling him thatSome Day a Woman Will Be President.”

That comment pushed Ruben to contact the creator of the popular comic strip to get permission to use the phrase on a t-shirt. She began selling the shirts to women’s organizations, and because of their popularity, she contacted her local Walmart to enquire if they would carry them. They bought dozens of them, but six weeks later the shirts were taken off the floor because some customers had found themtoo offensive”. Walmart’s head office even said they went against the company’sfamily values”. Well, the people spoke. They rallied against Walmart’s action and the t-shirts were put back on the shelves.


The CBC interviewed Ann Rueben in 1995 when the Walmart story broke. Ann Rueben’s Interview with CBC.

So, twenty-one years ago, it didn’t seem possible. Now we are only a few months away from potentially having the first female President of the United States. How many of us had dreams from that many years ago that are still on the back burner because some people told us they couldn’t happen? How many of us have attempted to bring those dreams into reality only to be thwarted by our own doubts and fears, or by the fears inflicted on us by others?

In an interview with the Washington Post, Ann Ruben said that her father told her “Annie, you’re very smart, and whatever you decide to do in your life, you’re going to be successful. So don’t ever give up, Annie.” Those words gave her the incentive to continue her life’s work of helping to build the self-esteem of girls.

When I launched my mini non-profit Let’s GROW project earlier this year, it wasn’t as grandiose as Ruben’s t-shirts, but it was to encourage women to have a conversation with me, discuss a dream, go after it, and to never give up. Imagine staring at the college diploma of a woman who had a rough life, told she wouldn’t amount to anything, and lived her life believing it. At age 38, and with the help of a coach, she stopped believing the lies, went to college and now has a diploma to prove she is somebody.

Many of us never reach our full potential either because we don’t believe in ourselves or we give up too soon. But, perseverance is the key. When you are knocked down by life’s circumstances, pull yourself up with all the strength you have, and try again. If you cannot do it alone, ask for help. Christian author Dr. Jaime Fernandez Garrido said, “Many winners have reached success by climbing a special ladder called ‘never give up’”.

We are not all Hillary Clintons, and we might not aspire to be President of the United States, but what about taking charge and aspiring to be President of our own lives? You, too, can shatter the glass ceiling of whatever is holding you back. As Secretary Clinton herself said, “When there is no ceiling, the sky is the limit.”

As you reflect on the enormity of Secretary Clinton’s nomination, politics aside, and think of what is possible, may it serve as a motivating force to push you forward in whatever direction you choose. In the meantime, heed Ann Ruben’s advice: “You’re smart. Get educated. Don’t ever give up on your dream and you’ll make it. Hillary made it. She never gave up on her dream.”

Monday Rx: Change Your Job Search Strategy If…

You have often heard the saying, “If you always do what you have always done, you will continue getting what you have always gotten”, or something close. If that sounds like you and your job search or your career, then you may want to reconsider your strategy, regardless of your status or what stage of the job search game you are at.

Consider this story:

A Mom wrote me on September 8, and said, “My daughter has taken a year off before going to college and she desperately needs a job.  She has been job hunting, but her lack of experience is a real hindrance.  She is now very discouraged.  Could you spare some time to talk to her on the phone in the next few days?”

On September 10, I contacted the young lady – all of 17 years old – and asked her to explain to me what she had been doing. After our initial conversation, I suggested she did things differently. Since she had never worked before, I gave her a research assignment to visit several locations in her area – Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Starbucks, Canadian Tire, among others. She was to observe the surroundings, how the employees behaved, how they treated customers and generally be alert for other things that were taking place. She was also to make notes of her observations. In addition, she should write down comments that people frequently made about her – her punctuality, reliability, leadership skills, etc. Lastly, she should create a list of some of her own qualities.

With the information from her research, we created a one page hybrid of a cover letter and résumé and I asked her to customize each to fit the companies she was targeting. She was to write what she observed on her visits, what was going well and how she could add value as their next employee. Remember, she had little to go on in the first place.

On September 15, she responded by saying: This is incredibly helpful! I’ve been applying to places all week so tomorrow I will follow up with all the companies to which I applied. I will keep you updated on how that goes.”

What a difference in her mood in five days! On September 23, she wrote: “Hi Mrs. Wright, I just want to say thank you for all your advice and help. I really appreciate it. I received my first job yesterday – full time hostess at Red Lobster. I’m ecstatic!”

Entry-level students are not my usual clientele, but I deviated from the norm with this young lady. What I found is that a change of strategy works, whether one is an entry-level job seeker or a more seasoned professional, but it requires commitment and perseverance. Who would’ve imagined that in a such a tough job market, a 17 year-old who had never previously worked could change her job search strategy and find success within 13 days?

How about you? Is your job search strategy working for you, or is it time to go back to the drawing board and tweak it a bit? Contact me if you need some assistance!


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Monday Morning Rx: Conviction & Commitment Come First

How many times have you started something, then dropped it mid-way? It could be a hobby that you are passionate about, or a coaching program that fell by the wayside. It could even be a course you wanted to pursue to make you more marketable. But…you just didn’t have the zeal, the courage or the perseverance to see it through. You cannot succeed if you lack the conviction – the ‘belief in self’ – and you cannot succeed without commitment.

Today’s message is from Zig Ziglar’s little book, Success for Dummies.

“Success begins with the desire to be successful and the conviction that you can be successful. Then and only then, do you make plans to reach that specific objective of achieving success. After you make plans, you must be willing to commit to them. But no responsible person makes a commitment until he or she has a reasonable plan of action to fulfill that commitment.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Today, ponder on this math equation:

Conviction + Commitment = SUCCESS!

Have a successful week!

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