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Lest We Forget…Pilots of the Caribbean



Since 2010, I have been deviating from my job search and career topics to write a blog post on November 11, in remembrance of the many people who paid and continue to pay the ultimate price for the freedom we so often take for granted.

I am not from a military family, but I am sure if I dig deeper into my Jamaican ancestry, I might find a relative or two who were a part of the Royal Air Force (RAF) from the West Indies. And, if that’s not the case, at least my father-in-law is a retired Sgt. Major of the Jamaica Defence Force.

Today, November 11, 2014, I am paying tribute to the brave men and women from the West Indies (now referred to as the Caribbean), who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

This 14-minute video is worth watching.

Pilots of the Caribbean

Courtesy of the Jamaica Gleaner

Lest We Forget!


Lest We Forget…

Today, am taking a respite from my usual job search blog post to remember those who gave their lives in the pursuit of peace – something the world continues to struggle with – to those who continue to serve, and to those have returned to an uncertain future.

While watching MSNBC this morning, I heard Richard Liu, one of the network’s anchors, mentioned the name John McCrae and showed the Poem, “In Flanders’ Field”. I wondered aloud if Liu knew that Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was Canadian, and that he penned that poem on December 8, 1915.

Each November 11, I send around John McCrae’s poem to people in my network, because I believe it speaks volumes. Last year, I wrote a blog post 11 Things You Can do Between 11 AM and 11 PM On 11/11/11. Today, I want all of us to pause from whatever we are doing to reflect on those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, as well as those who continue to serve and protect. Let us never forget!

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