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101 Surprising Tips for Your Holiday Job Search

Many job seekers believe that they should give their job search a break during the holiday season, and on the surface it looks like a great idea. After all, most businesses slow down their operations during the holidays, and some people get caught up into festivities that hiring new staff might be the farthest thing from their minds. But, even if these have merits, there are many reasons why job seekers should not ease up on the job search pedal during the holidays.

To demystify this holiday myth, 25 career coaches and recruiters from career site contributed to an e-book titled New Year, New Job! 101 Top Tips from the Job-Hunt Experts for Your Holiday Job Search. As the Canadian Job Search Expert for Job-Hunt, I was asked to be one of the contributors. This book is full of tips that will revolutionize the way one looks at holidays and job search. The book will be FREE on Amazon from Thanksgiving Day until midnight on Monday, Nov. 26. Otherwise, it will cost ninety-nine cents per copy making it an ideal stocking stuffer for the job seeker on anyone’s list. Find it at Here are some tips from a few of the experts:

Ask for holiday gifts to help you job hunt 

What do you want for the holidays? Consider making this a practical (and inspirational) holiday and ask for gifts that will take you closer to your new job. Your friends and family are wondering how to help you. Help them, and yourself, by asking for what you need. Here are ideas to jumpstart your thinking:

  • Help from a career professional for some career direction, job search strategy, refreshing your resume or LinkedIn profile, or interview practice.
  • A session with a photographer for a professional headshot for your LinkedIn and other profiles.
  • To be their guest at a networking event. – Phyllis Mufson, Job-Hunt’s Boomer Job Search Expert

Use holiday vacation time to learn about job search 

Before you dive into planning and executing your job search strategy, the holidays may afford you the free time to do some research about how to job search. If it’s been more than a few years since you last looked for a job, you may not know how much things have changed. Go through the Online Job Search Tutorial on, and Google various phrases pertaining to each aspect of job search to find information and learn the latest and best ways to land a good-fit job in today’s competitive job search landscape. – Meg Guiseppi, Job-Hunt’s Personal Branding Expert

Volunteering creates access to employers

Most job seekers tend to take the holidays off but hiring managers don’t. The hiring managers you want to meet go to holiday charity events, Chamber of Commerce meetings and other public holiday events. The best way for you to meet them without large financial investment is to volunteer. Volunteering provides access. If you believe volunteering at a holiday charity event is not worth your time, look at the list of the corporate sponsors of the previous year’s event. You may reconsider your stance. – Stephen Hinton, Job-Hunt’s Green Industry Jobs Expert

Turn up your posting frequency over the holidays

As far as I can tell, hiring volume doesn’t go down during the holiday (overall). But I know many job seekers stop trying, for whatever misinformed reason. Therefore, you can increase your exposure by amping up your social media postings. By filling the vacuum of activity on Twitter and LinkedIn, recruiters scouring those media looking for candidates will be more likely to bump into your messages. – Joshua Waldman, Job-Hunt’s Social Media & Job Search Expert

Connect with new recruiters during the holidays

If you don’t have relationships with any recruiters, you need to network to one through your contacts. This is a good time of year to ask your friends to introduce you to their favorite recruiter (who works in your industry). If they have a good relationship, they can use the same ideas above and mention they have a colleague who’d be someone good for them to know.  – Jeff Lipschultz, Job-Hunt’s Working With Recruiters Expert

Volunteer to provide holiday coverage 

Contact one of your target companies and offer to cover for staff absences during the holiday period. This must be in an area in which you have expertise, or an assignment that’s not difficult to learn. Be aware that for confidentiality reasons, you might not be allowed to work in certain departments. This would be like a temp assignment, only you are doing it on a volunteer basis. It gets your foot in the door and a couple of people to add to your network. – Daisy Wright, Job-Hunt’s Canadian Job Search Expert

After going through all the tips it will be easy to see why taking a break during the holiday season could limit one’s job search success. Make sure to grab your free copy prior to November 26, 2012 at After that, it will cost a mere ninety-nine cents.