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Have you got Presidential Poise? – Part 3

This is the final in the series of Sue Currie’s article, Have you got Presidential Poise?

Be Well-Mannered. A leader of Obama’s calibre has impeccable manners. He mixes with the well-to-do, moneyed people of Washington who helped fund his campaign. He will also deal with Kings and Queens and Heads of State and will do so with courtesy and stateliness. A Commander in Chief of a country or perhaps just You Inc. understands and displays correct business and social protocol.

Carriage and demeanour. Obama wears clothes well. Of course so does First Lady Michelle Obama who will grace covers of magazines for years to come. They both choose classic and elegant styles. Mr Obama is more conservative and classic befitting his role while Mrs Obama adds a stylish twist to her dressing. They both show great posture walking tall and with dignity. Yes they both have great figures, but no matter what your size or shape, dressing well is a skill that can be learned and should be practiced.

Cool. What makes someone cool or have charisma? Perhaps this is an elusive quality. But I think it’s about being a leader that people want to follow no matter what field of endeavour. It is standing out in a fresh, modern way with a sense of calmness and composure.

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