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It’s International Women’s Day…So What?

International Women's Day 2019 Normally, I would have a blog post ready to deploy on International Women’s Day, but busyness caught up with me this week, so I am late to the party. As the saying goes, "Better late than never"! Now, the title of … [Continue reading]

12 Productivity Hacks for Very Busy People (Coaches, Job Seekers & Entrepreneurs)

Photo by Tomas Yates on Unsplash “Don’t be Busy. Be Productive!” That’s a line I read recently, and it caused me to stop and think. Sometimes we deceive ourselves in thinking that being productive is tantamount to being busy, or vice versa. … [Continue reading]

Have You Chosen Your WOTY Yet?

Courtesy Pixabay Well, what if I made up the acronym, but it seems WOTY, aka Word-of-the-Year, is quite the craze these days. Some people are choosing to have a Word-of-the-Year instead of making lofty resolutions. Yesterday, I read a LinkedIn … [Continue reading]

I Am Raising My Fees…

...because the last time I had a raise was in 2013. But, that's not the only reason. A lot has happened since. In addition to being a Certified Career Management Coach, I have since earned the CELDC (Certified Executive Leadership Development … [Continue reading]

An Entrepreneurial Dream Come True

"A dream written down with a date becomes a Goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true." -- Greg Reid Jackie Palmer (fourth from right in the top photo frame), was my friend first before … [Continue reading]

Why Microwave Interview Preparation Does not Work

On May 4th I received the following email: “My wife is looking for some coaching on job interviews.  She has had a few recently, but no offers came about.  She is actively looking, and has another phone interview set up very soon.  I would like to … [Continue reading]

How to Quickly Give Your Job Search a Boost

What did you spend the last week doing with your job search? Were you: Hiding behind a computer uploading resume after resume to any company that advertised a vacancy? Applying to every job, whether or not you were qualified for it? … [Continue reading]

How to Negotiate and Get the Salary You Deserve

A survey conducted by Personal Capital Advisors Corporation states that “23% of men and 31% of women don’t negotiate for a higher salary because it’s uncomfortable, but for the brave ones who work up the courage to ask for a raise, or higher starting … [Continue reading]

What if LinkedIn is the New Business Card?

LinkedIn touts itself as the world’s largest professional network with close to 530 million users in 200 countries. It is also referred to as a ‘resume-on-steroids’ because it’s available for viewing 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. As the platform … [Continue reading]

What Employers Are Looking for in Employees

What are employers looking for in their employees?   STEMpathy!   Coined by author and journalist Tom Friedman, STEMpathy is “a combination of science, technology, engineering, and math with human empathy, the ability to connect … [Continue reading]