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No Canadian Experience, Eh?

"No Canadian Experience, Eh?" Who knows this better than an internationally-educated professional or new immigrant trying to get a foot in the door of an employer. Sometimes it appears the focus is more on the 'lack of Canadian work experience' than … [Continue reading]

Seven Top 7 Reasons Companies Initiate Coaching Programs

The Conference Board of Canada has come up with 7 top reasons why companies initiate coaching programs:1. Assist leadership development2. Enhance career development3. Orient new employees4. Accelerate learning5. Improve retention6. Transfer … [Continue reading]

Sometimes It’s Lonely on the Way to the Top (by Mark Victor Hansen)

As I read Mark's newsletter this morning I was reminded of an article I wrote some months ago and it asked the following:Have you ever wanted to do something really great for yourself but you are always confronted by BUT's?"I would like to change my … [Continue reading]

Are you Conducting Your Job Search from Work?

** Are you using your company's computer, fax machine, business e-mail account and office supplies to conduct your job search?** Do you believe you are entitled to use the workplace to find a better job? Though such activities are widespread, they … [Continue reading]

What’s Your Potential for Success…?

Weddle's surveyed a total of 1,270 people about their potential for success in their future job search campaigns:** 57.6% Responding to an ad posted on an Internet job board** 16.8% Networking at business and social events** 7.2% Responding to an ad … [Continue reading]

Managers Say Thank-You Letters are Essential

Managers Say Thank-You Letters are Essential: 70% said e-mailing thank-you notes was appropriate, especially to acknowledge a small gift or gesture (Recent survey by the Emily Post Institute). Thank-you notes are mandatory and expected in some … [Continue reading]

CareerBuilder.Com Launches Resume-Matching Engine is streamlining the hiring process for subscribers to its database of 19 million resumes with a new matching engine. The technology automatically locates resumes that best match another resume, an uploaded document or a job posting, … [Continue reading]

Starting Smarter

Entry-level employees offer tips on what employers are looking for.People who are:• results-driven • passionate and enthusiastic about learning• flexible and open-minded• able to work independently and effectively without the need for … [Continue reading]

Recommending HR as a Career

A recent poll carried out by Workforce Management asked the question:Would you recommend HR as a career path?The results are as follows: 28%: Yes. Despite some drawbacks, HR and workforce management in general are a great path for someone … [Continue reading]

Women’s Internet Marketing Summit

You are invited to the Women's Internet Marketing Summit "Sharing a Wealth of Expertise to Accelerate Your Success!" A part of the NEW “Women’s Success Series™”Want to Take Your Business to New Heights?Want to Network from the comfort of Your Home, … [Continue reading]