Stuck in a Career Rut? Allow us to point you in the "Wright" Career Direction

Take Your Knee Off Our Necks!

Micheile Henderson-Unsplash The world saw how the life of George Floyd was snuffed out of him by the white police officer who had his knee on his neck. To say it was outrageous is an understatement, and people immediately condemned what they saw. … [Continue reading]

10 Ways to Support Your Career Coach & Resume Writer Colleagues During COVID19 As we brace for what will certainly become the ‘new normal’, the grim reality is that some businesses will thrive and some will not survive. Hopefully, those of us in the career space will be on the thriving end of … [Continue reading]

What Happened at Our Quarantine Networking Party

Unsplash At the start of 2020, the beginning of a new year, and a new decade, many of us had had lofty plans, resolutions and goals, or whatever we chose to call them. A few months in, and COVID-19 has upended every facet of our lives. We are now … [Continue reading]

I Was Zoom-bombed On a Career Chat…and It Wasn’t Pretty!

Pixabay Since the onset of COVID19, and realizing that some job seekers and employees are facing anxiety and uncertainty, I decided to host a few weekly Casual Career Chats where I would answer questions about job losses, job search, career … [Continue reading]

Kick Ageism to the Curb…Your Career Isn’t Over!

A day before presenting on Ageism to a group of mostly baby boomers, I asked my LinkedIn community if they could provide some tips on the topic that I could add to my own resource kit to share with the group. The ‘ask’ was for ONE tip from each … [Continue reading]

If You Want Growth, Help Others GROW!

Image Courtesy of Pixabay “If you want growth, help others grow.” ~Tony Abbacchi Do you remember January 1st, 2010? It seems like so long ago, but I remember it was my first foray into group coaching when I launched a six-week coaching program … [Continue reading]

Case Study: How Coaching Works

(It's heartwarming when a client can write his own case study showcasing our work together. In negotiating his benefit package, he ended up with a $22,000 salary increase. This is the client referenced in parts of this blog post - Ask for What You … [Continue reading]

Ask for What You Are Worth!

Pixabay “In business and in life, you don’t get paid what you deserve; you get paid what you negotiate.” - Anonymous In archiving some of my workshop files this past week, I discovered a presentation I gave to a group of mostly International … [Continue reading]

Your Breakthrough Might Just Be Around the Corner

Breakthrough-The Wright Career Solution

Photo credit: Pixabay Right now, you may be feeling discouraged for a number of reasons. You may have done more than your fair share of interviews without getting a job offer. Yikes! You may have put all your effort into a project; it failed, … [Continue reading]

What Jobseekers and Career Changers Can Learn from Tiger Woods’ Spectacular Win

Photo credit: Masters Tournament Other than my job as a career coach, I am a sports fanatic! I don't play any sport, but ask me what's going on and I can tell you. Right now it's playoff season for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors, and am … [Continue reading]