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Executive Resume Writing, Career Coaching, Interview Coaching, Executive, Senior Management Resumes, Manager Resume, Experienced Professionals, Mid-Career Professionals Resume, Resume Service, Professional Resume,

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Daisy Wright is an award winning career coach, author and certified resume strategist who collaborates with mid-level professionals, managers, and executives to develop attention-grabbing resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other career marketing documents that focus on telling their career stories and getting them hired FASTER!

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One Tip Before Posting Your Resume Online

The following tip was taken from Kent Jacobson’s article on

Make sure the last page of your résumé includes an additional 5 to 10 key words; hide the viewable color by changing the text to white (so these are not printed out). Why? The search engine spiders will find these key words, but they will not show up the print copy.

Be aware that only 20% of people actually find a job via the Internet. Guess how the other 80% got their job? Through personal and professional networking!

Kent Jacobson

Set SMART Goals in 2006, Don’t Make Resolutions

Let 2006 be the year you set SMART goals instead of make resolutions. Resolutions, in my opinion, are fleeting, transitory, short-lived. Goals, on the other hand, seem real; things that I can touch and feel. As a result, I favour setting goals instead of making resolutions.

Most people are familiar with the SMART approach to goal setting, meaning goals should be:






In addition to the above, I am suggesting another approach:

S-erious. Be serious and committed to your goals. Don’t just say “I need to get a new job”, then sit around waiting for the job to fall in your lap. Think of the steps you need to take to make it a reality.

M-ake it happen. Write down your goal(s)and make it happen. Only you have the power to make your goals and dreams happen. Others can help, but you have the final say.

A-ction. Take some action. There’s no point in writing down your goals if you are not prepared to take action.

R-each out for help. If you cannot do it by yourself, reach out for assistance from family, friends, coworkers or associates.

T-ake T-ime. Take the time to reward yourself for each step you have taken towards your goal. Those tiny rewards will serve as motivators for you to keep on going.

So, let 2006 be the year you set SMART Goals and watch them come to pass.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year from The Wright Career Solution, the company that noves your career forward…one step at a time!


The ABCs of Networking…You Can’t Excel Without Them!

It is said that Bill Gates’ rise to the top may have resulted from an act of networking. Apparently his mother sat on the same Board of Directors as an IBM president, and that contact led to IBM purchasing the MS DOS operating system from Bill. Think about that! As timeworn as the word networking is, it is through this process that approximately 65% to 80% of available jobs or opportunities are discovered. Networking opens the doors to the hidden job market, and if you’ve not learned this art, many opportunities may be passing you by. Here is my ABC list of networking tips that I have put together to help you move your career forward.

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Reference & Background Checks…What you Need to Know

I participated in a webinar hosted by an international HR company in July. The reference checking section is partially summarized here and is for the reader’s general information only.

Reference and Background Checks

Employers are finding out that it costs them thousands of dollars when they make a wrong hire, so they are conducting thorough background and reference checks more often these days. Candidates, on the other hand, must be aware that these checks are going to be done, and must give their permission. They should also be advised that they’ll be dismissed if it is found out that they have given false information.

Reference Checks are conducted to confirm what’s outlined in one’s resume and what was discussed during the interview, but also for verification of dates, positions, titles, and responsibilities.

Background Checks are performed to validate education and other credentials; the number of years studied and professional certification obtained.

Criminal Record Checks are done to determine if one has any prior convictions.

Credit Checks HR professionals advise that credit checks should be obtained but only if it’s a bona fide part of the job.

Media Checks are becoming very common and it’s customary for some employers to ‘google’ someone to find out if there’s any mention of the person on the Internet or in the newspapers.

Reference Letters Employers prefer to contact references directly rather than accept reference letters. If they do accept letters, they also follow up with telephone calls. This is to make sure that the person does exist, and that the candidate did not make an agreement with a friend, relative or other person to “put in a good word” on their behalf. Employers are also aware that some candidates engage the services of reference checking agencies to find out what their named references will say about them.

So, be on your guard…let the buyer beware!