Stuck in a Career Rut? Allow us to point you in the "Wright" Career Direction

Changing Careers? Why Not Try Freelance Writing?

Planning a career change for the New Year, or are you going to accept your present situation as permanent? Author and Speaker, John Mason summed it nicely when he said,Don’t accept your present, temporary situation as your future, permanent situation. Despite your current circumstances, make up your mind to get on with your life and fulfill your divine purpose and calling.”

What is your divine purpose or calling? Could it be freelance writing? If it is, then my colleague Carol Tice has just opened her Writer’s Den for the last time this year and you are invited to look around then join if you think it’s a path you wish to take. The Den is opened until midnight December 13th. Click here for more details: The Writer’s Den.

I am not usually in the habit of recommending too many products or services, but as a member of the Den for the past several months, this is one I fully endorse. I can attest to the value of membership, including many resources to take one’s writing to the next level. Take a peek into the Writer’s Den, and see for yourself.

Monday Morning Rx: Don’t Sabotage Your Life with ‘BUTs’

How many times have you said to yourself:

  •  I would really like a promotion, BUT my boss is going to say ‘No’?
  • I would like to change careers, BUT I am too old, or I can’t be bothered?
  • I would like to start my own business, BUT I don’t have the time or the money, and it might just not work out?
  •  I would like to become a ____________, BUT my (friends, family, coworkers, spouse, kids) keep asking if I am crazy?”

How many of those questions resonate with you? These ‘BUTs’ are your fears that tell you that you don’t have the time, the money, the education, the nerve, or the skills to become who you should be. These ‘BUTs’ tell you to stay in your comfort zone, and not venture into the unknown, but if you continue to give in to these ‘BUTs’, a year from now you will still be wishing you had started today. (Karen Lamb)

Get rid of the ‘BUTs’ in your life and:

B – Become the person you were destined to be. Stop playing small.

U – Understand that obstacles are opportunities in disguise. Embrace them.

T – Try and try again. Don’t ever quit. Remember the little engine that said it could.

S – Stop engaging in negative self-talk. If you consistently have these conversations with yourself and allow the ‘buts’ to get in your way, you will never become who you were meant to be.

Today, ask yourself, What if I moved forward in spite of these ‘BUTs’? What if I take a chance?” You may be pleasantly surprised. Emerson said, Beware what you set your heart upon for it surely shall be yours. Set your heart on that dream, and see what happens to your life!