Stuck in a Career Rut? Allow us to point you in the "Wright" Career Direction

Cold Call Your Way to a Hot Job

Do you get a queasy feeling in your stomach when you have to make cold calls. It's hard work, it takes time and it's frustrating, but so is the time spent sending out resumes in a random manner without any positive results. For a copy of this … [Continue reading]

Set SMART Goals in 2006, Don’t Make Resolutions

Let 2006 be the year you set SMART goals instead of make resolutions. Resolutions, in my opinion, are fleeting, transitory, short-lived. Goals, on the other hand, seem real; things that I can touch and feel. As a result, I favour setting goals … [Continue reading]

The ABCs of Networking…You Can’t Excel Without Them!

It is said that Bill Gates’ rise to the top may have resulted from an act of networking. Apparently his mother sat on the same Board of Directors as an IBM president, and that contact led to IBM purchasing the MS DOS operating system from Bill. … [Continue reading]

Reference & Background Checks…What you Need to Know

I participated in a webinar hosted by an international HR company in July. The reference checking section is partially summarized here and is for the reader's general information only.Reference and Background ChecksEmployers are finding out that it … [Continue reading]