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Do You Have the Key to Secure the Job?

iStock 000000588057XSmall Success 236x300 Do You Have the Key to Secure the Job? Have you ever wanted to know the exact details of a job before you apply? If so, you may want to have a chat with Jon Chow, CEO of SecureTheJob.“A lot of people rely on job postings to learn about a job, but it takes much more than that”, said Chow.

In a recent interview, Chow explained how he came to realize the disconnect between a job posting and the actual job. “There is a big flaw in job descriptions as most are only available when companies are actively recruiting. Between recruiting cycles, those same job descriptions remain stagnant. They hardly, if ever, take into consideration new tasks and responsibilities assigned to the role, or assumed by the incumbent”, said Chow.

What is SecureTheJob?

SecureTheJob is an online portal built on the same ‘give to get’ model as Glassdoor, but it prides itself as a more qualitative resource. While Glassdoor provides insights on salaries that each company pays, as well as potential interview questions, SecureTheJob provides more detailed information from its community of contributors – people who have actually had those jobs.

These individuals, not only understand the technical requirements of the jobs, but also know about those “other duties as assigned”, as well as the soft skills that are important to succeed in the role. They offer advice on an array of things: What surprised them on the job, things they didn’t expect when they started, what they had to learn, and what they wished they had known on day one. With this information, job candidates can get a better understanding about the job and the company’s culture, and are better able to prepare themselves for the interview, and ultimately for success on day one of the job.

SecureTheJob works with employers who provide more information to candidates beyond the job posting so that when they are ready for the next recruiting wave, those candidates will be well-prepared. Job candidates, on the other hand, benefit from insider information to help them market themselves as more qualified to take on those responsibilities, and perform well in those roles. The employer benefits from a pool of higher quality candidates who understand their needs.

How Does SecureTheJob Work?

Chow was quick to point out that SecureTheJob is not a place to vent. “The last things we want is for SecureTheJob to become a site where people vent. The whole goal of SecureTheJob is to stay constructive and helpful. To that end, every single comment that’s submitted to the site is moderated by our team. We screen any comment that’s negative or critical of an employer. What we are trying to do is to have people provide information to others who want that job and tell them how to get it and how to do well at it.”

There are five categories on SecureTheJob for people to provide commentary and advice. These are: how to get interviews, how to succeed at the interview, how to get the promotion, how to succeed in the job, and what they would’ve liked to see in the job description.

Chow continued: “We like to think of it as the difference between speaking to a hiring manager and someone who has had that job. The hiring manager can tell you the salary, they can tell you the hours, they can tell you about the job posting, but the person who has had the job can say so much more.”

The site is a brand new resource and is 100% free. As such, Chow is encouraging everyone to check it out, and hopefully gain something from it, and in turn be able to give back to the community of job seekers. Everyone who uses SecureTheJob is asked to provide a comment about a job they have had that will help others who may want that job.

Do you want the key to your job search success? Visit the source at SecureTheJob and get a better understanding on what you need to do secure the job.

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